Artist Statement

I am an intuitive photographer. My best photographs are discovered. Sometimes I begin a photographic project with a hint of an idea, but most of the time, I pick up the camera allowing myself the freedom of not knowing and to find what I call the "Silent Moments of Beauty." A Zen master once told me that true and real-life lies "in-between each heartbeat." I took this to mean that life is neither right nor wrong, black or white, right or left, happy or sad. Although these dichotomous ways of being are a condition of human existence, the truth lies in the gray area between silent moments. 

I grew up on a 40-acre strawberry farm in a rural community called Florin, just outside of Sacramento, CA. I found inspiration in the quiet evenings, listening to nature, and being in the darkness with only stars and the moon defining the world outside. These quiet moments define my aesthetics, intuition, sense of beauty, and connection to the natural world. This relationship to the natural world drives me to seek the meaning and purpose of creating art. Although I currently use photography as my self-expressive tool, I practiced Landscape Architecture as an art form for over 40 years with the motive of connecting our collective, interdependent experience with nature.

I hope you enjoy your time here!

Love, Calvin 

Giant Tree

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