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About Me

My name is Calvin Abe. I picked up a camera about three years ago with a slight interest in improving my images that I took as a landscape architect. However, it was in an introductory photography class at the Creative Photo Academy in Torrance, CA that I discovered a new art form. I was hooked to image making when I realized half way through the 6 week intensive course--"it was all about the light". I loved strong graphic images and realized that the quality of light is what distinguishes the subject matter of a photographic image. Previously, I thought it was the subject that had to be beautiful. This realization transformed my world view and desire to make images. 

In February of this year (2016), I embarked on a new photographic journey.  I obtained multiple vintage medium format cameras including the Hasselblad 203FE, the Mamiya RZ67 and the Pentax 67. I initially used the darkroom at Otis Art College and the Contact Lab LA, but built my own darkroom this past summer (June 2016). The journey has been amazing, challenging and rewarding. There is nothing like making on an image from the capture,  to the  negative development, and finally seeing the silver gelatin image emerge in the liquid developer. It's extraordinary!

This website isn't about marketing or selling my images or even my services. This site is a platform for sharing my journey as a artist exploring various photographic topologies of landscape, portraiture, fine art nude and documentation. If you have questions or want to have a conversation about my work, please don't hesitate to contact me at: Calvinabe@me.com

Thank you for visiting my past work.


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